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Nature's Choice "Bark With the Best"

Nature's Choice Products

Nature’s Choice offers a variety of preferred pine bark products, including pine bark nuggets and mini nuggets, as well as pine bark mulch, or fines.  Pine bark provides a desirable, longer-lasting alternative to pine straw; is easier to handle than pine straw, and only needs to be distributed once a year.  Pine bark may be utilized to enrich potting mix, as a decorative ground cover for a variety of landscaping projects, or as a soil amendment, resulting in richer, healthier soil.  It is also used as a ground cover for playgrounds, providing a safe cushion for active children.  Additionally, pine bark is less flammable than pine straw, and is actually required by some state and federal regulations in the landscaping of government structures. 
Nature’s Choice provides everything you need to create a safe, healthy and attractive foundation for your residential or commercial landscape. 

Nature’s Choice products are available in either aged or fresh varieties.  Aged products maintain a higher nutrient count, and return to the soil more quickly, enriching existing growth. Fresh products last longer, and drain more thoroughly than aged.  The experts at Nature’s Choice can help you choose which variety of pine bark product will best suit your individual landscaping needs. 

Additionally, Nature’s Choice pine bark nuggets protect and enhance your landscape by insulating roots and bulbs from extreme temperatures,
encouraging earthworm production, preventing erosion, inhibiting weeds and conserving water. 

Nature’s Choice pine bark products are available bagged or in bulk; please call for pricing information. 

All of our products are delivered directly to your door by our own trucks, featuring live bottom walking floor trailers for easy unloading and distribution.  Prompt delivery is available in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and northeast Florida. 

Nature’s Choice pine bark and soil products include: 

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